Tomorrow I fly to see my girlfriend and all I can say is why is it not tomorrow already??

Twenty minutes till I leave to come pick you up. By the time you read this, we’ll have been back together a while already <3

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Do you ever stop and just think about the person who engraved Tony’s old reactor for Pepper in IM1

Proof that Tony Stark has a heart more like proof Pepper Pots has more spice than you

"Oh bURN"


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trying to look cool in front of your crush


trying to look cool in front of your crush


ok but imagine this

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Anonymous asked: "I really love your writings and thoughts on TMNT! If you don't mind me asking, what are your personal headcanons on how each of the 2k3 turtles do their smexy bedroom business? c:"

Oooooo boy. That’s a big one, and while I feel super flattered that you’d even consider asking me this, forgive me for hiding my reply under a cut. ;)

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Track Title: Cinderella

Artist: Elaiza

Album: Gallery

in a magic dress, all sparkling baby-blue
I’m your dream that won’t come true
'cause I'm not the girl I seem to be
so please don’t call me Cinderella

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Meine Freundin sieht so fesch aus *_*

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I am still waiting for my pictures of Usagi in a flower crown.

That is all.

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